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Since the appearance of ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) 
on the early January 2016 ago, 
many industrial sectors in Indonesia have been influenced.
One of those sectors is furniture home industry in Jepara.
Up until now there are many furniture 
home industries in Kecamatan Tahunan, 
Jepara have experienced bankruptcy or 
have to close their business because the lack 
of finance management and marketing knowledge.

Most of them only supply or sell the products with 
the cheapest price to wholesalers in Jepara. 
And because the price of material 
wood every year becomes more expensive, 
they downgraded their quality product.
That is why many Jepara’s furniture crafts 
known as a not-good-enough product by local market.
By this case, we invite several local craftsmen in 
-Jepara to increase their quality product in order to 
break through international 
market which now the competition is very strict, 
especially because of the existence of ASEAN free trade market.
"Muhammadun Adijati" tries to bridge the local crafter in Jepara 
to make the furniture market better than before, 
and also helps them to distribute 
their product in International market.

We trust several craftsmen in Jepara to create our 
product with a strict monitoring and operational standard.
Hitherto, there are four (4) 
craftsmen and workshops that already join with us.
So we hope this would improve the economic rates 
in our society especially in furniture 
fields by turn natural resource in Indonesia 
into a nice and attractive craft.  
Besides, the consumers also get the best quality product.

konsultasikan kebutuhan anda dari keuangan 
maupun kebutuhan furniture rumah anda, 
pasti kami beri solusinya
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